Digital System for Gas Meters (remote gas meter reading)

The quantity of gas consumers in Israel is constantly on the increase; millions of consumers distributed throughout the country, from north to south. The private gas meters, which monitor the gas consumption of the end users, are at present based upon analog technology. A challenge which require the gas suppliers to operate a large-scale manpower network, to perform manual readings at the various points, in order to monitor the gas sector, to detect faults, and to calculate payments due.
ADS develops and markets digital solutions for the analog gas meters, using A/D (analog to digital) end-point technology. The ADS high-quality advanced system is simply mounted on top of the existing gas meters, and does not require the replacement of components or the installation of new equipment. This solution is the fruit of Israeli development, and is suitable for mounting on all gas meters in existence in Israel.
ADS’s digital system for gas meters converts the analog data, and sends the data in real-time to the gas supplier. Thus, it significantly reduces the procedures required for monitoring the gas consumption of end-point customers, and thus assists in the proper administration of bill calculation and collection. Furthermore, the installation of a digital system on the gas meters enables the prevention of wilful damage and gas thefts, when its data is correlated with data emanating from the gas cylinders or the gas tanks.


Advantages of the system:

  • Simple installation on top of the existing gas meters
  • Suited to all private gas meters in Israel
  • Withstand of different weather conditions (outdoors and indoors)
  • Monitoring of gas quantities for the sake of dependable, transparent and high-quality billing
  • Receipt of data in real time on the basis of on-demand and/or routine analysis
  • Significant improvement in the gas suppliers’ manpower efficiency, by monitoring the consumption of the end-users
  • Additional protection mechanism against criminal acts in the gas sector, such as gas theft, illegal use, etc
  • Capability of correlating data with data originating from the gas cylinders and tanks, for additional monitoring
  • Solutions for the installation of the system on gas meters in places with no GSM coverage

The technological solution:

ADS’s digital system for private gas meters is based upon a prism, which allows the reading of the analog meter by advanced optical technology. The system includes a cellular router (modem) which enables the fast transmission of data without unnecessary delay.
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