What is the power source of the ADS systems?

The advanced ADS systems use a battery-based power source. These high-capacity batteries should be replaced only after 5 to 7 years (depending on the amount of data sent by the particular system).


How are costs determined?

To maintain attractive pricing, in comparison to the market in general, ADS uses pioneering and innovative technological methods. The systems are mounted onto existing equipment, thus saving on the cost of re-installing equipment or components (replacing existing equipment). The quality technology of ADS significantly reduces the work routines of the gas suppliers or the gas companies. Installing the Company’s systems improve the operational efficiency of the gas installers, and costs also reflect the real prospect of using manpower more efficiently (for these systems make physical inspection of the analog equipment superfluous).


Who performs the installation?

ADS’s systems are simple to install and do not necessitate advanced technical knowledge. The installation procedure is based upon existing infrastructure, and ADS guides the gas technician in the performance of the task.


Does the Company operate throughout the country?

ADS was set up with the objective of providing service to the Israeli gas sector at all points of the map. The Company operates on a country-wide scale, from Kiriat Shmona in the north to Eilat in the south.


What are the service hours?

The ADS Customer Service Department is available to you from Sunday to Thursday between 8:00 and 17:00. Furthermore, calls can be made at any time via e-mail or via the ADS website. The Customer Service Department maintains an emergency on-call representativ 24/7.


What is the safety level of the system?

As required in the gas sector, ADS’s systems conform to all of the strictest standards; the relevant Israeli standards as well as the European and American standards. Furthermore, ADS’s systems are wholly safety orientated, examples of which are: specialised systems for detecting gas leaks which perform tests every 24 hours, digital databases to fight against gas-related crime and professional malpractice, etc.


How does the ADS system propose a solution to crime in the gas sector?

The gas sector in Israel suffers from a high crime rate. ADS’s advanced systems bring to the Israeli gas sector the digital vision. Thanks to A/D (analog to digital) technology, the use of ADS solutions enables the tracking and supervision of gas utilisation. The correlation between desired and obtained data helps to speedily detect faults or suspicious alerts. For example: gas cylinders which have not been connected, gas cylinders which have not arrived at their destination, suspicious use of gas, disparities between the amount of gas in the gas tanks / installations and the private gas meters, etc.


Why is it recommended to install RFID systems on gas cylinders?

RFID is an advanced digital technology, which allows the performance of electronic tagging by means of radio waves (and of course the technology is called Radio Frequency Identification). The tagging of the gas cylinders is triggered upon their departure to the end-users, and allows the tracking and control of the trajectory of the gas cylinders. Tagging gives a serial identity number to all cylinders, and is thus used both for enforcement and deterrence.


Are the ADS systems suitable for all gas equipment and meters?

The ADS advanced systems were especially developed with the objective of adapting them to all the different types of gas equipment and meters. The installation of the system is based upon existing infrastructure. It does not require the removal of equipment or replacement of existing components.
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