Gas Leakage Detection System

Domestic cooking gas is a liquified petroleum gas (LPG), and today can be found in almost every building or home in Israel. The presence of gas of course is prominent in the business and public sectors (restaurants, factories, dining rooms, etc). Gas leakage is a serious safety incident, which may cause many victims and serious material damage. Typically, a gas leak may be the result of faults, poor maintenance, professional malpractice, the replacement of a cooker by a person who is not a certified gas technician, human error, or even wilful damage.
The Gas Sector Law stipulates that gas suppliers must periodically inspect gas equipment, at least once every 5 years.
ADS specialises in digital solutions for the analog gas systems, developing and marketing a system for prevention and detection of gas leaks. The system enables a gas leak test to be performed every 24 hours and/or on-demand. Furthermore, the system works remotely and enables, if a resident has left his gas on, to switch the gas off in real-time, via a custom application. This is a life-saving solution, developed for the benefit of both the end-users and the gas suppliers.


Advantages of the system:

  • Simple and safe installation on existing gas cookers, with no need for replacing them
  • Performance of preventive gas-leak testing every 24 hours
  • Sending of an immediate warning for all gas supply faults and gas leak suspicions
  • Immediate cut-off of the gas system in case of danger
  • Possibility of connection to additional third-party devices, such as fire detectors, motion detectors, cameras, etc

The technological solution:

ADS’s gas leakage detector system performs automatic gas pressure seal testing in the equipment, between the existing tap and the cooking range and its connecting hose. Should the system detect a suspicious gas leak, the gas will be automatic closed, and a message concerning the gas leak will be instantly sent to the customer. If the customer has forgotten to fully close the gas at home, the system is capable of detecting smoke and/or water flooding in the apartment.
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