Gas Cylinder Identification System

Every day, hundreds of trucks transporting LPG (cooking gas) cylinders and petrol are on the roads in Israel. Cooking gas is stored, as is well known, in gas cylinders and in tens of thousands of gas tanks. Gas systems are based upon analog technology which does not allow true tracking of each and every tank or cylinder. The absence of supervision prevents real-time tracking of the location of the gas cylinders, professional malpractice, faulty installation, malicious use of the gas cylinders, stealing away of the gas cylinders, etc.

ADS has developed an identification system for gas cylinders. When the truck leaves the gas courtyard, the system is triggered, and each cylinder receives a serial number using RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology. i.e., electronic tagging of the gas cylinders by radio-frequency methods.
The tagging of each cylinder enables the tracking of its installation at its destined site according to the gas distribution route, and in accordance with the instructions of the company and the gas supplier. The attachment of an RFID to each cylinder is used as an effective means to fight against the disappearance, the theft, the non-connection of gas cylinders, know their various locations, etc.


Advantages of the system:

  • Significantly improved gas cylinder and gas delivery tracing and tracking capabilities
  • Effective alerting against gas-related crime and gas theft
  • Effective alerting against employees and installers
  • Control and supervision of gas usage by end-users, and responding in real-time when the gas cylinder becomes empty.
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