Digital System for Automatic Pressure Valves

Automatic pressure valves are designed for performing the simple analog task of switching the gas supply from the cylinders in bank A to those in bank B, according to the pressure sensed. However, its analog technology does not allow the sending of a digital warning to the gas supplier, if switching is caused by the consumption of the entire contents of the gas cylinders in one bank of the system.
ADS develops and markets a novel digital solution for automatic gas pressure valves. The system is operated by means of A/D (analog to digital) technology, which is simply mounted on the automatic pressure valve. When switchover occurs, the system instantly sends an appropriate signal to the gas supplier. This signal enables the gas supplier to monitor and supervise the gas distribution lines, and to fill and despatch new gas cylinders accordingly.
Use of the system offers the gas suppliers a substantial protection envelope against gas theft, due to the substitution of empty cylinders, the non-connection of full cylinders, the malicious disconnection of cylinders, the illicit use of gas cylinders, etc.


Advantages of the system:

  • Simple and efficient installation on top of the existing gas valves, with no need for replacing existing equipment or components.
  • Excellent withstand of different weather conditions (outdoors and indoors)
  • Immediate notice upon automatic changeover of the gas cylinders in use
  • Significant manpower savings, by eliminating the need for physical inspection of analog meters
  • Quantity monitoring, which enables guarding against criminal acts, such as gas theft, non-installation of gas cylinders, non-connection of gas cylinders, etc.

The technological solution:

ADS’s digital solution for automatic gas valves is based upon hi-tech digital technology, which operates by advanced optical means. The system identifies changes in the gas valve, and immediately sends a signal to the relevant people at the gas companies and the gas suppliers.
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