The ADS Ltd company (the initials stand for Analog Digital System), specialises in advanced digital solutions for the gas sector, using A/D (analog to digital) technology.
The Company develops and markets a wide range of specialised systems, using A/D the end-point technology, which provide ground-breaking digital solutions to an analog environment. In other words, tidings of advanced digitalisation in an accessible manner. The system dramatically improves service and maintenance by gas companies and suppliers, and also provides assistance to the end-users and to field technicians.
ADS is founded on technological knowledge accumulated in Israel’s high-tech incubator during 30 years. Its systems, which are the fruit of the Company’s development, increase beyond comparison capabilities of control, operation and supervision of gas installations, including private gas meters, gas accumulators, gas tanks, gas distribution lines, gas technicians, etc. the ADS Company sets itself the objective to offer the gas sector solutions to detect dangerous gas leaks, and offers a wide-range of solutions to private and corporate customers.
All of this while maintaining a sensitivity to the environment, ease of installation, simplicity of operation unique cellular interfaces (based upon routers and applications), and of course, attractive pricing. The ADS systems conform to the strictest of standards, both with respect to the requirements of the Standards Institution of Israel and the requirements of European and US standards.


How does it work?

The gas sector is, to a great extent, based upon antiquated analog systems, which require constant manual control. This state of affairs gives rise to complex logistical and operational challenges, which are dependent upon in-the-field personnel and on-site inspections (routine, spot and emergency).
A/D technology comes to fill this vacuum. The system is mounted on the existing analog equipment, and converts the data into digital data. This allows remote control of the gas system by means of cellular routers and additional wireless interfaces. The solutions proposed by ADS were developed on the basis of the existing gas systems in Israel. They do not require the reinstallation of specialised equipment or the replacement of existing equipment. Data is transmitted in accordance with the requirements of the customer, and thus contributes to saving of gas, timely replacement of the gas cylinders, improvement of gas distribution line efficiency, detection of life-threatening gas leaks, and more.
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